Repairing Your Car’s Upholstery, Yourself

Has your car suffered damage? Perhaps you’ve had your car for a long time and don’t want to get rid of it. Or, maybe it’s just the interior that needs fixing.

We live in a time where you pretty much have to turn your pennies over twice, right?  It is especially true when it comes to having your car repaired. What if you could repair the upholstery of the inside of your car by yourself?

You might be no professional, but fixing your car, or at least the interior part thereof, is 100% possible and it’s not that difficult either.

Whether it’s a hole in your car, a damaged steering wheel or just worn out seat covers, you can fix it all yourself, and all you need is the right materials, a little bit of guidance and some time.

How to Fix Fabric Upholstery in Your Car

Most often, if you’re repairing your car’s interior or exterior on your own, you have a limited budget.

You can easily buy the material needed on a low budget and fix it yourself for as little as $20.

  • When you have ripped car seats

It will take you as little as one hour to fix them, as long as the fabric isn’t missing from the seat and has a small tear on them. If the material underneath the fabric is torn, you can buy a curved upholstery needle and some thick thread in the same colour as the rest of your seats.

You probably guessed what’s next and that’s stitching. If you’ve never sewed before, you can ask someone to show you or follow a tutorial on the internet.


  • When you have small holes

If for whatever reason, there are holes in your car seats, whether it’s due to burns or damage caused by an accident or your dog, you’ll be able to fix that yourself too as long as it’s smaller than 2 inches in diameter. You can purchase material bonding package and then choose fabric that has a similar colour, with a similar texture as your original car seats. You can also buy cotton muslin and add a piece slightly more significant than the hole to the damaged area.

  • Repairing Vinyl

If you have a classic car and you’re repairing vinyl, you’ll be needing specialised products to be able to fix cracks, tears, as well as small holes. These products include products such as a vinyl and leather repair kit and a vinyl liquid patch.

  • Repairing Leather

Since leather is a material used in a lot of cars, surely there must be some way to fix it yourself. Even though it has a protective coat, it is still susceptible to scratches or marks. These can be repaired if damaged on the top of the added protective coat by using leather cream and a soft cloth to buff the damaged area in a circular motion. Sometimes, the damage can be fixed by just cleaning it correctly, and other times, you have to make use of other methods, such as using acrylic lacquer and spray it on the damaged area.

In most cases, you’ll be able to fix the leather yourself, but if ever there’s a hole, deeper scratch or tear, you should have it fixed by a professional.


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