Castle Combe

Castle Combe is my local circuit and I have visited a few times to watch trackday events. Some of these have been painful to watch, with too many cars on circuit and several accidents.

For my trackday experience I went with EasyTrack, who maintain strict control on safety and numbers. I was excited from weeks before the event, as the day was to be run with just four cars on track at a time and about 16 attendees. This would mean lots of clear track, and all the time on track that I could want. Add to this the fact that I had new racing slick tyres to try out, and things were lining up nicely.

Unfortunately, wet weather was going to put in an appearance and put a bit of a damper on the day. I did get two sessions in the morning with my slicks, but I had them over-inflated and just got them sorted when the rain came.

It rained more or less all day and made the circuit slippery with a lot of spray and standing water. I span on my first laps after the start of the rain, so I spent the rest of the day driving quite slowly … probably the most slowly of everyone there.

I did go out on circuit quite a lot, but never really got up enough speed to call the laps a thrill. I’m pretty sure that my passengers had a good time, but for me it was a fun day but not excellent like Donington a few weeks before.