First Track Day

I’ve spent the day at Wroughton Airfield with three other 172s, a 911, a mini, a TVR, two lovely Ferraris and a swarm of Elise and Caterham types.

This was my first track day, so I started with a few laps of horrendous understeer and tyre squealing. After instruction, I began to accept that “slow in, fast out” did make a difference. Braking hard in a straight line before turning in sharply and powering out became the new black.

The day ended far too soon, but my front left tyre was glad of the rest. The rubber is showing signs of a thorough thrashing and I’m positive that my brakes feel different.

I learnt a lot about the Clio during the day. It’s a great chuck about, but it needs a firm hand. The odd cuss of encouragement and a digital approach to pedal movement go a long way!

The day passed without incident for the pack of Clios, although the TVR came to a halt in clouds of steam. Good old Easytrack .. they towed it with … you guessed it … a Clio! 🙂

So, now I’m hooked on track days, but I will say that a few things were not 100%. The track was too short for my liking. The straights only offered about 70 as a top speed before braking for the U turns. The 911 was a git and wouldn’t pull over for the Clios. We all had him beat but he just wouldn’t budge. Lastly, the day finished at 4, when I was expecting 5.

The best thing, after the driving, was the small number of cars on track at once. Easytrack limited it to 8, so we all had a good amount of space.

I had EvoPete as a passenger, and I’m sure that he had a good time. He hopped out from time to time to try other cars, and had a _huge_ grin on his face after getting out of the Ferrari!

Justin Gould