Kemble Airfield – De Tomaso Club Day

Two days of fine weather in a row meant that I was itching to try my slicks on track again, so I snapped up a last minute place at Kemble Airfield. The day had about 5 public spaces, with the rest taken up by a De Tomaso club.

After a foggy start, the weather was great and I was having a wail of a time on my ex-Clio Cup team slick tyres. My speed through corners since previous visits was greatly improved, although the change in handling made me more cautious through the chicanes. On balance the slicks are fab and when I get fully used to them I’ll be zoomin’

I spent some time watching the assembled exotica. There were De Tomasos of different types, and I can’t honestly tell you which is which. Most were Panteras, but there were some others too. In addition, two Lamborghinis, a Viper, several Porsches, a mad Ford RS 200 and some race cars made for quite a show. Kemble days are often dominated hot hatches and Caterfields, but today was quite special.