Oulton Park

Hi track day junkies! Just got in from a fabulous day at Oulton park. Yesterday I was looking at the weather and thinking, ‘oh no, im going to be sliding off in all directions tomorrow’. Oulton is noturiosly slippery in the wet because of the close proximity to trees.

Good start this morning, overslept. Good job I packed the car up last night. Got half way there and remebered I didnt have my switch card. Oh no! I’m going to run out of petrol! luckly I remembered my dad’s cardit card I got for emergencies, though I didnt think of this until I got there.

I was going to be my usual freeloading self and try and find a mug to pay for my fuel! I didnt even have any change so I ended up drinking the spare water I had for the car! uuck! Anyway, back to the driving.

Because I got there late I didnt have time to change my road tyres for my track tyres, which have, by the way actually got more tread on than the road ones after scotland.

Just a tip guys what out for the squirrel who likes sitting in the middle of the track munching on a nut on the approach to druids!

So I went out for the familirsation lap on the road tyres. It was damp with some dry places and some sanding water on parts of the track after about ten laps of 5/10 ths drivning I came in and burnt my fingers changing my wheels over whilst the expereineced drivers went out.

I was hoping tonyr would be there to take me for a few laps like markr did at donnington, and I could have learnt the lines a bit quicker. The first stint was spent learning the track, following the blue cones and deciding how much past the red braking cones I needed to start braking .

I came back into the paddock and saw RichH and his pit crew of sons, so I jumped out and said hello, checked and changed the tyre pressures and shot back out.

This was the worst lap of the day. Totally different cars are deceptively quick and I tried to follow an ex-renault syder racing car on slicks through Knickerbrook chicane. Tyres, grass, tarmac, grass, kerb, oops!

I made another error at the end of that lap. The last series of corners are off camber and I got distracted from the line and managed to find myself the wrong side of the kerb on the outside of the corner with armco flying towards me this is it I thought, game over. Luckly for me they put a mat in the grass which gives it a surprising amount of grip, feeuw.

Then it started to rain, just on the slippery part of the track – Druids. I came flying round, windscreen wipers on, only to have what felt like terminal understeer towards the tyre wall, not good, apperently someone stuffed a new Morgan there this week!

I continued at a similar pace not really piecing a good lap together until I thought I need some fuel at about 11.30 so I pulled off the track and made my way a few miles up the road to the petrol station and the heavens opened. I was rather pleased with myself at the timing and got back just in time for lunch which was brought forward half an hour because of the rain.

Money problem number 2 – no cash, no lunch. Thankfully rich was still around and he lent me some, cheers mate. I than had a nice lunch chatting to his -8 year old sons about speeding offences, 106s rallying and general car stuff. I tell you, they would be senior memebers on this forum!