Track and Airfield Days

Driving your car flat out on public roads is, for the most part, both illegal and dangerous. A safer, legal way to push your car to its limits and experience the thrills of speed is to attend a track day.

Several motor circuits and event organisers operate track days in the UK. At each one the formula is much the same; a closely monitored and regulated environment where drivers enjoy the thrill of a motor circuit. Almost all events prohibit competitive activity, timing, etc., and focus on safe fun and driver development.

I’ve done a handful now and I’ve had bags of fun and learnt a great deal about my car and it’s handling. The instruction received and experience gained has helped me become a safer driver, and to top it off, I’ve met some great people and made some new friends.

Read some reports or see some pictures. If you find yourself drawn to the idea, follow these links and have a go!