Track Days

As a fan of performance cars, motorsport and the Gran Turismo 3 game I wanted to bring together information on all of these and place them on one website.

This all got started when I bought a Ford Puma and began to get a thrill from driving. I’ve since owned a RenaultSport Clio and, having had my fill of hot hatches, swapped this for a Lotus Elise.

Luckily, I don’t have a morning commute, so my driving is almost all for pleasure. Many of these miles have been spent hunting for and enjoying great driving roads either on my own or with friends at meets.

I’ve been known to take my cars to trackdays too. It’s an amazing amount of fun, and the safest way to explore the limit of a car’s performance. The Clio saw frequent track action, but I intend not to go on track with the new Elise.

** NEWS ** I have crashed my Lotus!