Justin’s Lotus Elise

The Elise from Lotus is a British sports car in the purest tradition. Designed with a focused vision to provide an involving driving experience in a stylish, lightweight package, the Elise has become an icon.

As a regular attendee at track days and other performance car events I had been aware of the Elise abilities and qualities for some time. In December 2001, I made a big step in car ownership and traded in my Clio Sport for a new Lotus Elise.

I’ve nothing but praise for it. It is leagues ahead of anything else I have driven in terms of the driving experience. For a start it is rear wheel drive, but this is only a small part of it. The direct steering and communicative brakes are wonderful and come without any assistance to dilute the experience.

A new chapter in my car owning life has begun, and over the coming weeks and months I will be learning to drive all over again.